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Job Ethics




Its very easy to hold the tail of a giant, become follower and identify with the drives and works of a successful company. Expecting everything from the company and sitting in company like a passenger. This is feminine nature which mostly found in the coward professionals.

The real challenge lies in joining a small team leading it and driving it to its new horizons and then sharing its success rather than identifying with the company when it is successful and running while it is sinking like rats.

This is the right place If you :

  • want challenging and innovative job rather than monotonous and steady one. At Lotus, an innovative approach is adopted for every new project

  • have the sufficient self respect and can not compromise with the quality and standard of service you deliver

  • are quite keen to always learn and innovate the way or approach to solve a case

  • want to share the success where your contribution is considerable

  • want to join for a long term and can stay even during the bad times of the company

  • are motivated and energetic

And please excuse us If you :

  • want job only for experience

  • are planned to start your own firm

  • are not reliable and can leave the company at any time for your own self interests for few bucks

  • are applying your mind more in searching the better jobs than innovating the approach you work

  • can compromise with the standard you deliver assuming that this is not your personal work

  • don't  have a level of morale

  • are short termers