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In the present cutting neck competition, there had always been a great need for the innovative way of jobs which could overcome the barriers of geographical boundaries, physical availability and drawbacks of the conventional staffing.

LOTUS has innovated and adopted the new way of work in which all the works are assigned, executed, monitored and evaluated completely online. This completely overcomes the need of physical presence. At the same time necessary physical interactions and activities are done through seminars and periodical meetings.

Also, the conventional way of work was completely irrelevant in the world of cutting edge technologies specially in the field of IT.


  • To overcome the barriers of geographical boundaries and need of physical presence in recruitments and executing the professional jobs

  • To reward personnel s on the basis of their skills and to ensure that the more skilled and experienced employees get more.

  • To minimize operational cost of the company as well as the employee through the benefits of internet gateway readily available today


  • Employee has to search and apply for a job online with an online interview questionnaire document.

  • Selection is done on the basis of evaluation of questionnaire sent through the online application form.

  • After selection, employee has to provide the copy of various document like PAN Card, Passport, Bank Account details etc. An agreement is done on the stamp paper, after which the I-Card, Username, Password, Employee code is issued to the employee through which he can join and start his work online.

  • After joining, he is assigned online tasks, which he has to complete within the given time period and submit the task in related department. Task is accepted, rejected or modifications suggested after  evaluation of completed task by the department head, after which payment for that task is advised to the accounts department, where payments are directly transferred to the employees bank account.

  • There are two types of jobs-commercial and in house. For commercial tasks, payments are made where as on the basis of in-house tasks, appraisal of grades and promotions are done but no task fee is given for those tasks.


  • Employee must have his own PC or laptop with fast internet connectivity

  • He will have to login at least once  daily

  • He must have a bank account of any online banks

  • The applicant may do the work full time or part time. Even he can work here with working somewhere else