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  General FAQs based on the queries asked to us so far:
  • Does Lotus charge any fee for applying/securing a job?
    No processing fee or deposit is charged by Lotus at any point during the recruitment process.
  • Where can I learn about which part of Lotus my interests and skills are best suited to?
    Please check the link division under Join Lotus, India. It gives you information of what skills we hire under each division and jobs in this division for you to apply.
  • Is Lotus still recruiting?
    Our recruitment process is business driven. Based on our needs and projections, we continue to be the largest recruiters of IT professionals. A visit to our current opportunities section will give you an indication of our immediate requirements.
  • What kind of people does Lotus look out for?
    Lotus is constantly on the look out for people who
    • Are focused on customer satisfaction
    • Are self-confident enough to provide leadership and direction to customers
    • Have a single-minded dedication to be the very best they can be
    • Have the discipline and effort to make all of these things happen.
  • What is the qualification I need to apply to Lotus?
    You need to be a Graduate in any discipline with software exposure or an MCA graduate to become a software professional at Lotus. You need to be a management graduate to join services or management related jobs.
  • Do I have to be software professional to join Lotus?
    At an entry level Lotus does not insist of prior software knowledge since it provides extensive training in software development to new entrants. However for experienced professionals, relevant experience is preferred.
  • What is the recruitment process at Lotus?
    Applicants will have to answer the questionnaires and submit on the portal. After evaluation of the questionnaires, the candidate will be informed about the result. More experienced candidates will be put on to an interview session for further appraisal by the management.
  • How do I apply for a position in Lotus.
    Lotus encourages you to submit your resume against a current job opening. Click Search Jobs & Apply to view job openings suitable to you. Submit your profile against any one of the available job codes to enable our recruiter to view your profile.
  • Can I apply for more than one job code at the same time?
    You can submit your resume for multiple job code at a time.
  • Once I submit my profile how am I kept informed on my application status.
    As soon as you submit your profile you will receive an Application ID. You can use this to communicate with company.

  • What are the training and development opportunities at Lotus?
    Training & Development of individuals is a key focus area at Lotus. Our Talent Transformation Division handles this. For those with less than one year of experience a well-structured induction/training program is conducted. This will cover all aspects of software development skills that are required.
  • What are the opportunities to go abroad?
    Posting outside India is purely based on business requirements.
  • Have a question that hasn’t been covered?
    Refer “contact us” section in this site or mail your queries to