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Internal News


The new recruitment & staffing process is going to start on 1st April 2008.


Lotus has been offered the left project- e-Rojgar by the state government


Paper Cuttings



LOTUS has been selected as the e-Governance consultant for the department of Mines & Geology, GOJ



REO Minister inaugurates the ambition district e-governance project-"SUKRANTI"


Adoption & Implementation of CMMI process by Lotus

Lotus has come with a major break through in improving the software development process by incorporating the CMMI model; Treating CMMI as a technology adoption activates a different mindset than the one typically applied to process improvement and enables to gain benefit from some of the tools and concepts of the technology adoptions.
To interpret CMMI practices we consider the overall context in which these practices are used and determine how well these practices satisfy the goals of a process area within that context. CMMI models do not imply which processes are right for the organization or project. Instead, CMMI models establish minimal criteria to meet in planning and implementing processes selected by the organization for improvement based on business objectives.
We use professional judgment to interpret CMMI practices. Although process areas describe behavior that may be exhibited in any organization, our practices are interpreted using an in-depth knowledge of the CMMI model being used, the organization, the business environment, and the specific circumstances involved.

Inauguration of Web Based Registration System

An initiative towards implementation of a major e-governance project called e-Nibandhan has been successfully taken up and deployed by Lotus. The project proved to be another scintillating achievement by the very optimistic and agile team of Lotus.
The government has taken up the project seriously and is on the verge to implement it throughout the state and transform the overall functionality of the registration department, generating huge revenue and minimizing the effort taken up in the process of registration.
Searching of deed documents, issuance of non-encumbrance certificate and downloading of certified copy are now available on line helping in fast processing of client requests and saving a lot of time, money and human effort involved their in.

Implementation of on line payment gateway for BSNLLotus has achieved another mile stone by incorporating the on payment solutions for BSNL. The project has already been implemented in some SSA’s, and in future all the SSA’s  will be included. BSNL has collaborated with HDFC bank to use it’s payment gateway so that bills could be paid by using the bank’s credit/debit card.
The project is a sheer success and has given the general people a privilege to pay telephone bills online.