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Quality Policy

At Lotus, we are very quality conscious people- this approach has made us the first choice among our existing clients.


Client's Speak


"There we got a lot of additional features over what I expected for our IT solution when we assigned the project to Lotus,."

- GM,Client


"Quality of our services and products should always be above the quality expectations of our clients for each and every parameters. This must be kept in our minds throughout the life-cycle of a service, product or project.

It should be achieved through maintaining the employee and society friendly working environment, long lasting relationship with our clients, partners and associates and our philosophy towards life and existence."

CEO, Lotus



We have a very strict quality policy for our services, products and projects. Strategy for this policy is communicated among the teams involved and compliance to this is strictly monitored throughout the life-cycle of a service, product or project. Before delivery or the first presentation before client, it it the top item in our checklist.

How We Achieve?
As already mentioned in the policy, we achieve our quality standards through maintaining our business ethics, social responsibilities and basic philosophy. Every word of our policy mentions the day-to-day truth about our organization. Following are some look over about our strategy for achieving the quality standards above the client's expectations:

  • We thoroughly study and go through the client's expectation for quality for all the parameters like timing, facilities required, scope of work, value for money etc.

  • During development and production, we always add the additional features and facilities in the deliverables up to 25% more than the client's expectation

  • We always schedule our completion around one-fourth before the client's expectation.

  • We maintain the decency of our working environment and culture throughout the projects by strictly following the CMMI definitions and standards.

  • And lastly, our all the works are based on our philosophy towards life, death, existence and profession.