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Testing & Quality Checks

Quality of services decide the perpetual existence of a company. We always keep this in our minds while delivering a service. This makes our services a sate of art creation.


Major IT Services

::  Process Reengineering
::  Application Development
::  Application Architecture


::  Testing & Quality Check

Testing can never completely establish the correctness of arbitrary computer software; testing furnishes a criticism or comparison that compares the state and behavior of the product against a specification. An important point is that software testing should be distinguished from the separate discipline of Software Quality Assurance (S.Q.A.), which encompasses all business process areas, not just testing.

Over its existence, computer software has continued to grow in complexity and size. Every software product has a target audience. Therefore, when an organization develops or otherwise invests in a software product, it presumably must assess whether the software product will be acceptable to its end users, its target audience, its purchasers, and other stakeholders. We adopt certain methodologies and  in the process of software testing attempt to make this kind of assessment.

Our Approach

Technically our approach is to invent and derive the tools and resources for fast, automated and efficient testing of applications to design a bug free software. We follow some well defined procedures to carry on the testing & quality checking process.
Although testing varies between organizations, our testing cycle is as follows::

  • Requirements Analysis: Testing begin in the requirements phase of the software development life cycle. During the design phase, testers work with developers in determining what aspects of a design are testable and with what parameters those tests work.

  • Test Planning: Creation of Test Strategy, Test Plan(s), Test Bed creation.
    A lot of activities is carried out during testing, so that a plan is needed.

  • Test Development: Creation of Test Procedures, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Scripts to use in testing software.

  • Test Execution: Testers execute the software based on the plans and tests and report any errors found to the development team.

  • Test Reporting: Once testing is completed, testers generate metrics and make final reports on their test effort and whether or not the software tested is ready for release.

  • Retesting the Defects: The application defects are retested on the test cases so as to have a robust application.